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Auto-klean filters, Coalescing action filters & Streamline lubricating oil filters for marine use

Auto-klean filter

This filter can be cleaned while in operation. The filter is cleaned by rotating the centre square spindle which rotates the disc stack and the stationary cleaning blades scrape off filtered solids which settle to the bottom of the sludge well of the filter.

Periodically, the flow of oil is disrupted and the sludge well is cleaned out. To facilitate this, the filters are generally fitted in pairs. The size of particle an auto-klean filter can filter out is in order of 75 microns, but a more recent type can filter out down to 25 microns. Pressure gauges are fitted to auto-klean filters before and after the filter to determine the state of the filter, ie dirty or not.

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Auto-Klean manufacture a complete range of filters designed to protect engineering plant by the continuous removal of harmful or unwanted solids from fluids. The outstanding feature of most of these filters is that they are self-cleaning whilst in service, either by mechanical operation, or manually by the turn of a handle. Auto-Klean filters are designed for the protection of all installations incorporating fluid circulation systems, and the aim of this brochure is to assist equipment designers, manufacturers and users in accessing the correct filter solution for their needs.

Sketch of an auto klean filter

Streamline lubricating oil filter

The streamline lubricating oil filter consists of two compartment pressure vessels containing filter cartridges. Each cartridge is made up of thin discs threaded on to a `Y' or `X' shaped section rod and held in compression. The oil flows from the dirty to the clean side of the filter via small spaces between the compressed discs, then up the spaces formed by the poles in the centre. In this way, dirt is left at the edge of the disc stack. It is claimed particles of 1 micron can be filtered out. For cleaning, generally compressed air is used, valves A and B are closed and D and C are opened and reversal of flow results.

Streamline lubricating oil filter
Fig: Streamline lubricating oil filter

Coalescing action filters

Coalescing action filters, normally consist of some form of prefilter to remove particles, then followed by a compressed inorganic fibre coalescing unit in which water is collected into larger globules.

Coalescing action is the molecular attraction between the water droplets and the inorganic fibres is greater that that between the oil and the fibres, when the water globules are large enough they will move with a stream out of the coalesing unit. Downstream of the coalescing cartridges are PTFE covered stainless steel water repelling screens which act as a final barrier for the water. Water gravitates from them and from the outlet of the coalescer cartridges into the well of the filter body from where they are periodically removed.

The coalescer filter may be cleaned by draining the water off manually every so often or it may have its own back flush system.

lub oil coalescer filter
Lubricating oil coalescer filter

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